In May, Disney, as well as having announced the closure of Avalanche Software, had officially confirmed the end of Disney Inifinity project and now another popular Toys to Life seems to be about to close .

We’re talking about Activision series of home, Skylanders who in the words insider Liam Robertson is no longer profitable as before.

Recent rumors indicate that Activision fact results in terms of sales has not been happy with Skylanders Imaginators title released in October, and in addition it seems that even the animated series available on Netflix, Skylanders Academy has not obtained the expected success.

According Liam Robertson, as a result of these findings, Activision has already deleted the next game series, set for release in 2017, and would be thinking to conclude definitively all projects related to known Skylanders.

Of course, when the leaders of Activision providing any statement about what has recently emerged as a result the whole is to be considered as a mere rumor.

will actually ended the era of Toys to Life? We just have to wait in order to find out the answer to this question that we are certain will not be long in coming.

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