Since the beginning of last year we first heard about a curious survival simulator in a frozen post-apocalyptic world Impact Winter, about the game is almost nothing has been heard. And then the project has got a tentative release date.

is very likely that this was made possible thanks to a deal between the developers of the studio Mojo Bones and publisher Bandai Namco, which was announced simultaneously with the publication of the indicative release date. Having the support of a large publishing house, the authors reported that the game will release early next year. The specific date will be called later.

Impact Winter depicts a post-apocalyptic world where the result of planetary cataclysm occurred global cooling. After the collision of Earth with an asteroid human population descended almost to nothing, the world civilization fell, and the chance of survival is almost gone. Suddenly our hero, Jacob, Solomon, who is the leader of one of the few surviving groups, catches a radio signal and to establish contacts, learns that his band can be evacuated – just need to hold out for another 30 days. Actually, these are going to do: we look for supplies, medicines and fuel, trying to survive for a month


At this stage Impact Winter declared only for PC. The release will take place in the digital distribution system Steam, where Greenlight section wound corresponding Page .