Series Plants vs. Zombies began with the casual game genre Tower Defence, then the developers have turned it into multiplayer shooter but now the zombies are able to fight with plants in card battles. On of iOS and All Android became available shareware game Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes


“Explore 20 unique characters including zombies and plants open their superpowers and choose their favorite for his skills and firm style, – creators write. – Maybe it will be a mysterious and elusive shadow of the Green class of plant? Or is it loves itself superbrain zombie squad? Exceptional superpowers heroes can radically change your game strategy. “

Many of the characters familiar to fans of the series, but some characters for a whole new universe PvZ. As in any modern card game, users can build their decks, to think of tactics and to participate in multiplayer battles – both in normal mode and in the ratings battle


There are also content that will interest fans of PvE – in these adventures will “fight with evergreen and vechnogolodnymi rivals”, sometimes bumping into “challenging bosses with special powers and abilities. ” For the victory over them players will have new characters and legendary rewards. The game is distributed on the shareware model and includes microtransactions.