The company Ubisoft has released major new addition to the arcade racing game of The Crew . Right now DLC called Calling All Units may be purchased on Steam for $ 21.71. Also, it is available on all other platforms where the game was released.

With the release of Calling All Units in The Crew came Mode “Riders against the police”, in which users have to play for the guardian of order, or a street racer. New game mechanics of the police can be learned in 12 special scene assignments. To make successful arrests of players, the cops gave a unique transport: painted properly equipped and flashing light exotic supercars, the legendary motorcycle and strong SUVs. Those who are attracted by the way the rider can go on the road with a valuable cargo, and try to break away from his pursuers in order to receive the award.

In addition to the gameplay in the style of “cops versus racers», Calling All Units adds to the game Improved AI representatives of law and order, 10 additional levels of riders and about two dozen new cars. With more additions can be found detailed description on official website .

Together with the release of this DLC sale Do edition The Crew: The Ultimate Edition, which includes the full version of the game, add-ons and Wild Run Calling All Units, as well as Season Pass with different possibilities of individualization of cars