The release of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 was postponed for the second time


Warsaw studio CI Games has once again announced the postponement of the release of the tactical shooter with a first-person Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. Initially, the game is scheduled for release this year, but in June the developers postponed output to January 27, 2017 th, and recently reported in his blog which premiered only 4 April.

The developers obtained “excellent” reviews from journalists, streamers and fans to try out the game during the exclusive session, and wanted to make it even better adding new game features. “We are making an ambitious game, and unfortunately, need a few more months in order to meet the expectations of fans, – said General Director Marek Tyminsky studio (Marek Tymiński). – We must make sure that Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 goes “smoothly” on all platforms, and we are left with something which is a serious work to optimize the game “


“[Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3] – the largest project of all, we have worked on, – continued the manager. – Our whole team is working tirelessly to how to “polish” the game. I hope people will understand why we made this decision and wait a little release of the game, which will become a new word in our series and the genre in general sniper simulators. This is a new start for Sniper:. Ghost Warrior »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will tell “the story of brotherhood, faith and betrayal, unfolding on the ground, soaked in the blood of the Civil War” . Players will act in the role of an American sniper Jonathan North (Jonathan North), sent to Georgia to perform the mission, the purpose of which is to prevent a new Cold War. The basis for the game was the Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. Creative Director of the project Paul Robinson (Paul Robinson), a veteran of military service, having 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, and a leading designer narrative – Jess Libov (Jess Lebow), worked on the League of Legends, Guild Wars and Far Cry.

While the first two parts of the series were linear in the third creators promise to fully open to research a huge world with the change of day and night and dynamic weather effects that affect the gameplay. As the authors of told in August the video, players can choose one of the three main styles of passage or combine them any way they want: sniper (Sniper), secretive (Ghost) and military (Warrior). They will be able to customize weapons, equipment, and transport, improving their performance, as well as use a drone to scan the environment and detect enemies.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is developed in 3 versions for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U. Pre-orders of the game Steam opened in August. During the early purchase users will get the addition “Escape Lydia» (The Escape of Lydia) and block onions (Compound Bow).


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