The Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation has published statistics on the structure of registry of domestic software (ON).

Just a moment it includes 2037 software products, 583 registered owners.

Most of the registry from January 1, 2016, belongs to the application software – 2952 product, which is 78.1% of the total volume. In the system software necessary to 18,2% – 689 products, including 23 operating system


Most of the holders (59.2%) registered the only 1 software, about a third (35.5%) contributed to the register from 2 to 10 products, and only just two developers (0.3%) are in the register 101 up to 150 programs.

in the application software category belongs to the largest presence of information systems solutions for industry-specific tasks. They number in the register of 1259. In the segment of the system software is dominated by means of information security (263 products).