It seems that the growth of iOS 10 not proceeding sent as one might expect. The weeks after the official launch in September have seen important surge, which led to the achievement of 60% share announced in late October, on the occasion of the event Hello Again. The 30 days however, have led to a only increased by 3 percentage points, reaching the current 63%.

The data comes directly from Apple, which has recently published an update on the deployment of the versions of iOS-based calculation to the App Store access. The latest official survey (not that relating Hello Again the event mentioned), established a market share of 54% for iOS 10, so it could be considered in a positive growth of 9% of base monthly however this data is obfuscated by the performance obtained from iOS 9 in the same period last year, since he had already reached 70% of the devices in circulation . How can be explained this remarkable difference?

To fully understand the situation remember a key aspect of iOS 9. The update of 2015 has been made compatible with all the devices that equipped iOS 8, for which reason the transition to iOS 9 was not obstructed in any way. Different speech for iOS 10, however, since the latest version of the operating system is no longer supported by many devices as iPhone 4s iPad 2, 3, Mini and iPod Touch January 5 forced thus contributing to the share of the still equipped devices with iOS 9.

This partly explains the reason behind such a seemingly slower growth of iOS 10; of course it is not only impossible to update, since many users with a more datat terminal prefer to keep the current version installed on your terminal.

iOS 9 therefore still retains 29% share compared to 38% in October, a decline of 9%, which corresponds exactly to the increase recorded by iOS 10. Interestingly, the category “other “it is constantly stops to 8%. In this category you can find all versions prior to iOS 9, however it is to be expected that much of this is represented by iOS 7 the latest version available for iPhone 4 . Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation that allow them to determine precisely this hypothesis.