The PS4 version-Ark: Survival Evolved will be released on December 6


Fans of the dinosaurs, action games and simulators survival, playing on the PlayStation 4, finally get his version of the Ark: Survival Evolved – its release on the Sony platform is scheduled for December 6


Recall that in August this year, the Sony refused allow an unfinished version of the game on their console. The fact that the Ark: Survival Evolved is still in development and is now available on PC and Xbox One for the early access program. For whatever reason, Sony refused to developers of Studio Wildcard, despite the fact that for some other projects, she still makes an exception and approve release of such versions.

We already have a perfectly working version of the console. If you want to make it out quickly, please let Sony know about it said at the time the creative director of the studio Rapchak Jesse (Jesse Rapczak) . – Ark: Survival Evolved will not appear on the PlayStation 4, while Sony does not launch a program that will allow this to happen “. Apparently, all the details have been settled, as the project was still approved for release. On December 6 the PlayStation 4 will be able to purchase a set of Ark: Survivor’s Pack cost $ 55, which includes the game itself with all the latest changes and improvements, as well as thematic (devoted to the desert) addition Scorched Earth . Will be on this platform and unique in-game bonuses: dinosaur model Bionic Giganotosaurus and Manticore set of armor


Once again, the current version is distributed on the Early Access program, and a full release on the PlayStation 4 will be held in the spring of next year. whether this term refers to the versions for PC and Xbox One, which is also only an unfinished version, it is not clear.


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