The Pinterest appeared “Easter eggs” for programmers


Pinterest told about a little “Easter eggs” that the development team has built in social service for storing pictures collections. For many people, this service – a place to find and Schering creative ideas, but not forgotten, and Pinterest for advanced users having technical skills. So, if you enter in the search words such as reactjs, nodejs or, for example, javascript, it will be possible to “hack” the site.

Of course, it’s not breaking in the truest sense of the word: it is a game created in order to verify the user as a developer. After starting the search was called Bash terminal, which should be used in order to prevent fictitious hacker group hack Pinterest. The user will receive some tips that will help him deal with the problem. Also, he will have to find the “secret Bash command” to figure out what they want hackers.

Those who will be able to cope with the task, distribute secret keys to participate in the draw of a gift card for $ 50, which can be used to purchase any of the ten million products available in Pinterest.

This “easter eggs” – a very interesting way to expand the audience of service, but also it can be used to search for a company of experienced and skilled developers. Something similar has done before and Uber, running among its users game-test for programmers.

The game “hacking» Pinterest is available only in the web version of the service: in mobile applications it will not find



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