Not long ago, in many multiplayer games celebrated Halloween, and now is preparing for the Christmas events. The first were the developers from Epic Games – from 29 November to 9 January there will be held a so-called “Robozhdestvo”

Members are waiting for “the wonderful rewards and gifts,” to get that. It can be a variety of ways, including through YouTube and Twitch. Among the possible bonuses have a reputation, card sets, amplification and Christmas images of

For awards with Youtube for videos to be watched on the channel Aylit -. The first of them will be released tomorrow. They need to find Robozhdestva code and enter it this link . Use the codes can be a limited amount of time, but there will be a lot – promise to publish them within two weeks


As for the awards at Twitch, then you need to get them tie to your account to your current account strimingovogo this service. Winners will alert OfficialParagonBot by sending personal messages in the chat channel you are watching. About all the details can be found on the Paragon official website .