The pace and platforms are merged into Beat Stomper


The music and rhythm games are usually quite difficult to adapt to mobile platforms, more than anything, is that if we need to interact with the game to the rhythm of music is far more complicated buttonless give us an immediate response and, if we talk about titles relatively more complex as Dj Max and not speak. Beat Stomper is a title available for Android manages to capture perfectly the spirit of the above par games that innovates with a platformer gameplay . Tell you more about this addictive experience below.

Electronics and jumps

Following the style of the development team Rocky Hong (the people behind Beat Stomper) the game pleasantly surprised with its artificial and explosive style, at no time will be granted a break since it is always something amazing on the screen regardless of the action of the gameplay and always to the rhythm of music.

This is a game endless, I mean, basically, the fun lies in seeing how far we compete with our brands or our friends, yes, this game has several levels that are unlocked as we play or fulfill certain requirements such as reaching a certain number of games. Each screen has its own song, we have different styles, and although they are not going to remember songs that fit perfectly with the game and we transmit that feeling of euphoria that accompanies both graphical section.

The gameplay is based on going up gradually jumping from one platform to another, but obviously things will be complicated. To jump us simply to tap on the touch screen, but mistake not, control is simple, the difficulty endiablada .

Give her gingerly, you will not regret.

Google Play Store Beat Stomper (Free)

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