On the development of the new game Star Control series of classic sci-fi game It learned in the beginning of 2014. The official announcement sounded just this week: studio Stardock announced the game will be released in 2017 in an exclusive version for the PC, and also released a short gameplay video and some screenshots


Star Control: Origins is described as action adventure with a “set” of elements of RPG and procedural world generation. The game takes place in 2086, long before 1990, the events of the original, which bore gamers in XXVII century. The game will tell about the creation and development of international space Star Control Agency, whose purpose is to protect the Earth from alien threats. The organization was founded shortly after the men received a distress signal from the spacecraft that crashed on Triton, moon of Neptune. The role of the captain of the first interstellar vessel gamers will have to go to the scene of the accident.

The developers promise to reconstruct the galaxy “thousands of unique worlds” many of which are inhabited by representatives of extraterrestrial life forms. Star Control The most important component: Origins will study maps and interact with living beings. Players will be able to land on the planet, collect resources on them, artifacts and parts for the ship and get the job. The new part will have additional alien races.

Star Control: Origins has is available for pre-order but so far it can be purchased only at the official website. Publication Founders Edition, which provides early access to the game, exclusive tools to create modifications, non-game bonuses (including illustrations, music and distinctive icon for the forum), and the ability of developers to read magazines, offered for $ 35. The second edition, Founders Lifetime Edition, which also includes a soundtrack and a subscription to all future additions will cost $ 100.

«Star Control: Origins – a game about how the Earthlings are exploring the galaxy, discovering alien civilization to communicate with their representatives, and live in the hope to talk about this future generations – said project executive producer Brad Wardell (Brad Wardell). – We hope that those who remember the original trilogy, like we have chosen a new direction for the series. We want to introduce a new generation of amazing game that combines action, adventure, RPG and science fiction. “

Stardock Studio is known as the creator of the series Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire. Especially for the development of Star Control: Origins new office was opened in Towson (Maryland), in the number of staff that includes experienced developers of Firaxis Games, Big Huge Games and Relic Entertainment. License to Star Control, the game for which in the past created Toys for Bob studio and Legend Entertainment, Stardock purchased from the publisher Atari in 2013.