The following year, the Microsoft plans to release for Windows 10, at least two major updating, and the first of them, having the code name Redstone 2 is likely due in March. Twitter user under the pseudonym WalkingCat I found several references to «the Windows 10 version of 1703″ in the latest test version of the operating system from Microsoft. These references indicate the year and month of the release. Previously, the Redmond company has already used similar codes for an anniversary update at No. 1607, issued in July and November last year to upgrade 1511.

Microsoft is expected to talk about the details of the next major update for Windows 10 during a special conference for devices Surface, which will be held later this month. Some functions of the company has been granted access to the beta testers of its operating system, but most of these functions are fairly minor. In particular, the Microsoft plans to add to the Windows 10 feature mitigation blue glow of the screen, providing a more comfortable reading in the evenings, as well as to improve the voice assistant Cortana so as to erase the difference between its mobile and desktop versions.

In Windows 10 also appears HomeHub function to control “smart” devices – it is possible that it will be brought into the operating system, along with the March update. Company Conference at which the update will tell more will take place on 26 October.