The next addition to Hearthstone will be released this week


The new addition ‘cereal city Gadgetzan “to Hearthstone will be available December 1st. This Blizzard announced during a live broadcast on Twitch .

With the release of additions to the game will be 132 new cards some of which are associated with the three clans: rusty Bug, Kabala and Jade lotus. Membership cards to some of the clans means that it can only be used three classes – in the case of rusty Bug, for example, is a paladin, hunter and warrior


Also in the game will have additional mechanics associated with the new cards. Some cards will add health and attack creatures in his hand, and robbers will have more opportunities to build a deck with masked minions. Most of all lucky Priest – if earlier he was one of the weakest classes, but now he has appeared a truly powerful card. Although the Hearthstone is very unpredictable – it is possible that the priests in the end does not help and it

So far, users can arrange in reservation 50 sets of “blighted city Gadgetzan” by paying 2500 rub.. As a gift, they will receive a unique shirt for the cards.