“Kaspersky Lab” has released an updated version of the product Kaspersky Safe Kids intended to ensure the safety of children when using the Internet

Main features of the solution in the free version include: protection of young users and adolescents from seeking inappropriate websites and information, the time limit to work with mobile devices, suspicious activity notifications and regulating the use of the programs.

Paid product version also includes detailed reports about the actions of the child on the Internet, the function of location of children tracking, collection of statistics about calls and SMS, control posts in social networks.

The new version of Kaspersky Safe kids contains advice of professional psychologists to help parents navigate the difficult situations – in particular, for setting up solutions for a particular child and the analysis of reports on the activity of children on the web. Expert advice will be displayed on the screen of the parent version of Kaspersky Safe Kids as a comment to the report or menu interface. Tips to help provide the most appropriate for each child’s level of online security, as well as to adequately assess the degree of risk for the young user.

Another innovation was specially designed for children feature an access request (with Android and iOS-device) of banned sites or applications. If adults previously customized solution so that the child should not go to websites and social networking application, you try to open their minor user will see a ban. However, he can send a request for access to a particular site, which is an adult to see My Kaspersky page or its parent version of Kaspersky Safe Kids on the smartphone. If a parent sees fit, it may allow the child access.