Released version 2.0 of the program AKVIS Sketch video Classic – an innovative plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After effects, allows you to overlay video effects pencil drawing in black and white or color variant


The plugin allows you to create the effect of hand-drawn animation in the processing rollers and films, is ideal for creating a slide show in After Effects with the effect of a pencil drawing.

Plugin AKVIS Sketch Video Classic can be used for professional purposes, as well as entertainment. With it you can create an unusual presentation of advertising, to diversify the video on its YouTube-channel, to surprise the newlyweds unusual wedding roller, save and place the memories of the trip, turned into a cartoon recording the first steps of a baby or create a fun animation on any topic.

The Sketch Video Classic 2.0, new features, and detected errors are corrected. The new version added post-processing effects. With the help of the parameters Shadows, Noise and Contrast can be given a figure even more expressive. In this regard, there was an updated list of presets with additional functionality. Also been improved plug compatible with After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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