Netflix, finally, you can watch with ease, not only at home but also, for example, in the subway or aboard. Currently, the list includes some of the original series from Netflix ( «very strange case”, “Orange – hit of the season”, “Narco” and others), as well as many other films, cartoons and TV shows: “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men “” Paddington “,” Mignon “,” Kung Fu Panda 3 “,” Pulp Fiction “,” Boyhood, “” Good Will Hunting “and so on. In the future, the company has promised to add support for offline browsing for more content.

updated the Netflix app for iOS and Android to the latest version, you can find the download button next to the video playback. Naturally, the button will appear only where a new function is available. By downloading the content, it can be seen, for example, when you do not have access to the Internet.

You can download movies and TV shows in standard and high quality. On the Netflix help page said: “Standard quality – it’s a bit lower resolution video requires less free memory and loads quickly. High quality – a higher resolution video that requires more memory and take longer to load. ” What is this resolution, not reported.

Previously, Netflix top managers said that when hardly will be able to view the video offline. However, the function can be very useful in those countries where the connection speed to the Net is poor. In addition, many competitors of this possibility is already provided. It is noteworthy that offline browsing is available for all tariff plans Netflix.