There is a” piggy bank “within some Mac Book Pro older generation. Some users have found wedged coins electronics SuperDrive burner. Mystery their origin

The owner of a MacBook Pro has found a penny inside the SuperDrive in your computer, stuck in a particular way, it is difficult to see why the currency is inside the burner and in that position.

as bizarre as it may seem, on Reddit others show the presence of coins inside their MacBook, including a user who has found one yen within a computer that has never left Iowa . This course for the note life of the laptop after buying: Apple as everyone knows virtually all laptops are assembled in China from parts and components from different manufacturers scattered across Asia, including Japan.


a user named Greg Kilpatrick, had uploaded to YouTube in 2011 movie to show the 25-cent coin found inside his MacBook Pro. the most plausible explanation is that, by moving the computer into a bag, the coins are somehow able to slip and get stuck in the recorder.

it should however be noted that some coins are embedded in such an unusual way to make it look really a mystery … unless you want to believe that some workers in chains built burners occasionally lost coins or perhaps the,, the deliberately inserted in some units for some reason. Have you ever found an exotic coin in your MacBook?

 mystery of the coins