Without a doubt, Mass Effect Andromeda was one of the games most anticipated 2016 edition of Game Awards and, as promised, right on the stage of the famous event, was shown first of BioWare home video title gameplay .

The video, lasting about five minutes, as well as showing some evocative and spectacular settings, it lets take a look at the various game mechanics. The use of the jetpack in sparring sessions will play a very important role allowing the player to move quickly within the setting, and also the powers along with the weapons will be needed to bring home the victory.

The various planets will be vast and fully explorable but also hostile and to survive will need to take advantage of anything, including the inevitable Nomad or scanner to find new clues.

Before leaving the company in the video, subtitled in Italian, we remind you that Mass Effect Andromeda will make its debut during the spring of 2017 and will be dealt with on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, recently were also revealed various information related to the online sector.

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