Have you ever stopped to think what life was like on Mars? How would a Martian city? To have these answers, a team assembled by designers, architects and engineers are using 3D technology to create models and prototypes of the Martian cities in an area tests in Reaction Research Society, in the middle of the Mojave Desert in California.

The subject matter experts are making it a profession, affectionately nicknamed “marchitecture”. Basically, the project will take place on a scale “macro to micro,” namely: first, a team will travel to Mars to explore all have the right and understand how it would be possible to build a city on an alien soil. The idea is to start Martian city with a group of four and in the future this number will reach the 1,000-mark.

The teams involved have worked hard to build projects clean in order to make them real in the Martian atmosphere. Some of them include urban settlements with river system and even artificial waterfall, regolith that will serve as a sustainable source of oxygen, water, energy and nutrition and sustainable farms to supply planting if the food brought from Earth tour ending up. Even has an immediate structure design, created from laser blasts to create quick foundations as solutions to potential natural disasters or even wars.

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