The market of 3D-printers predicted growth of 15 times


The volume of the world market of 3D-printers to double this year, and another four years it will grow almost 15 times. It is forecast to research firm Gartner.

Analysts expect that by the end of 2016 manufacturers will release a total of 455,772 for the printer bulk press against 219,168 units a year earlier. In 2020, supply will exceed 6.7 million units, although the pace of growth will slow down.

«3D-printing, which was once a niche market now continues its rapid transformation into a widely available technology, encompassing consumers and businesses around the world – says the vice-president of research Gartner Basile Pete (Pete Basiliere). – The evolution of hardware and software, along with an ever-growing set of materials stimulates the growth of both consumer and enterprise of 3D-printers market segments “


In its report experts distinguish seven major technology 3D-printing. The most popular among them in 2020 will be extrusion (extrusion of material from special syringes) due to the low cost of the material used.

stereolithography 3D-press (the machine gives the form a liquid plastic that hardens later) will also be demonstrating a rapid rise through the development of this segment with new manufacturers and increasing the number of materials for such printing, according to a Gartner study.


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