The manager accused of damaging Samsung washing machines is the new CEO of LG


Jo Seong-jin is the new CEO of LG . The Korean electronics giant has a few hours announced the appointment as CEO of the former head of the household appliances division. Jo, a veteran with over forty years of service in the company, has in its curriculum the development of the first automatic washing machine LG, launched in 1980 .

The change at the top comes just one year after the appointment of a triumvirate which included the same Jo. A short-term experiment, which now leaves room for an appointment that shifts the balance of decision-making, especially in the mobile segment and home entertainment.

The most observant will remember the name of Jo for a bizarre event happened at IFA 2014, when the current CEO of LG was accused of deliberately sabotaging some of Samsung washing machines . LG said the accusations rival company showing a video which exonerated Jo. The charges were not then any legal aftermath.

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