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In recent years, compact home video surveillance cameras have been popular, but there are already quite a few models on the market, but in most cases they are made in the form of a camera with a well-visible lens.The developers of the novelty called LookOut Charger They created the most inconspicuous camera by disguising it under the charger block that is inserted into the socket.

 LookOut Charger "title =" "src =" http: / / "/> </a></p><p style= LookOut Charger allows you to record video with audio in Full HD resolution. To start recording, simply connect the device to a power outlet. It is worth noting that the LookOut Charger can be used not only as a hidden camera, but also for charging smartphones and tablets.

 LookOut Charger "Now there are two modifications of the LookOut Charger. </a></p><p style= Now there are two modifications of LookOut Charger One has 16 GB of internal memory, and the second has 32 GB of memory, according to the developers, the drive in the younger version of the camera will last for 3-4 hours of continuous recording .The older model will allow recording up to 6-7 hours of video. , The camera will simply delete the oldest videos and record new ones in their place.

You can pre-order LookOut Charger on Indiegogo for $ 90. In August, customers can choose between two types of plugs: the A / B type is suitable for the US, Canada, Mexico and Japan, and the C / E / F type will ensure the device is compatible with outlets in Europe, Asia and South America.