Some games can rightly be called a long-term construction. Developed over many years, they are overgrown with legends, and sometimes even change the name. that’s what happened with Final Fantasy XV. Ten years ago, the world knew this project . under the name of Final Fantasy Versus XIII have passed since a long time, and now Square Enix company can say with pride: the legend of the genre of role-playing games finally gone on sale According to the authoritative resource Metacritic, average fifteenth part is 86 points out of a possible 100..

Journalists praised the project for the great design and fun open world. Critique podvegsya a few confused plot, fully understand that succeed in using animated films in the universe.

In addition, Final Fantasy XV was the first part of the saga of the license, which, among other things, translated into Russian. At the present time to try FF XV are owners of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Information about PC-version does not.