Finally here we are. The [19459002dayofrelease] The Last Guardian is just around the corner as a result we are confident that many gamers will look forward to have in my hands the long-awaited deal with the epic adventure and the odd couple. To kill time, we aim to sit back in your chair and enjoy the unboxing of The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition carried out by nientepopodimenoche Shuhei Yoshida and Sid Shuman.

The Last Guardian will see light through the shelves of specialty stores from day December 7, adventure that will be addressed on both Playstation and Playstation 4 4 Pro, the new version of the home console from Sony very high performance hardware features . It ‘good to remember that The Last Guardian will be characterized by a patch can harness the power of Playstation 4 Pro and ensure a visual impattivo improved than the standard version.

We are curious to know if you have decided to give confidence to this new epic developed by the creators of ICO and Shadow of Colossus.