Sony could not refrain from showing the Last Guardian to the public of Milan Games Week 2016 . Unfortunately we could not count on any tower dedicated to the game, but we had to settle for a play-off demo played by developers. Here then followed the different actions that we have seen and, of course, our impressions.


As already known for some time, in The Last Guardian the players assume the role of a boy, who will be expected to win the trust of a giant creature called Trico, which will not actually at the controls of our hero immediately, therefore you will need to make friends.

The demo shown during Milan Games Week 2016 brought to light the presence of various environmental puzzles solved with the cooperation of the Odd Couple . You will need to basically pave the way for Trico, then use his skills and have access to the next area. In the first location in question taken we have witnessed an exploration phase on the part of the little hero, so as to bring the creature a particular object, positioned in a particular place, it would have been able to attract the attention of Trico. This green dall’alone object, however, was placed in a location not accessible by the beast, consequently, in style Prince of Persia our virtual alter ego is due to launch in several jumps, walks on eyelashes rough and much more, before doing just the artifact. Once positioned in the vicinity of a lever, Trico is attracted by the object, in fact deciding to make it a big bite and pulling so a big chain, which goes to open a big gate. It can then tap the little protagonist slip under the gate, find a way to block the opening and ensure a gap in Trico. Just then find a particular piece, this time a column, then drag it below the big gate and block everything.

The demo continues in a new location. But we see Trico frightened by the mosaics depicting a big eye. E ‘therefore necessary to tear them apart to get the beast not to stop. We may use Trico as a steed, which with giant leaps will continue to bring in different settings available, provided of course to open the right way.

The second location instead puts out the peculiarities of Trico same. Far from robust construction are the only way to continue the adventure of the couple. The beast leaps and, with some difficulty manages to remain “stable” on the structure. It is impossible for our hero make the same leap. It only remains to jump off and hope that Trico intervene. A bullet time keeps everyone with bated breath, when interrupted by Trico himself grabbing the protagonist by the collar with his big mouth. surgical precision for the beast.

Once again it’s up to the little hero pave the way for Trico, frightened again by the aforementioned mosaics. Surely we will know the reason for this fear once put his hands on the final product. The collapse of a structure requires the hero to jump back into space, a choice that attracts the attention of Trico himself, who try to grab the hero with his mouth, failing. When all seems lost, a real stroke of the tail beast turns into the most classic liana Jungle Hunt, which saves our virtual alter ego and allows progress in the adventure. The demo will end shortly after, in the middle of some stunning stages in which we see this time the hero positioning of the logs in order to transform them into means to help Trico to climb a large structure.

The Last Guardian is shaping up to be an adventure in perfect line with ICO and Shadow of Colossus . We face a true story of love and friendship between two to be completely at odds. On the one hand we have a little boy with mysterious tattoos and on the other we have a big beast, and the two will be found to work together to bring home the skin. It remains of course to discover what are the reasons that pushed them to this coexistence, but we’ll find out soon, as soon as possible to review the final product. Fans of Shadow of Colossus will realize right away that jump on the back of Trico is a great quote to climbing the giants, not so complicated of course, but the movements remember those times very closely.

Graphically, we can claim to be satisfied with the proposed solution. Back to the same style of the just mentioned ICO and Shadow of Colossus, consequently clear and soft colors are opposed to inspired location and especially evocative.


Being play-off, the demo of the Last Guardian has offered “only” to be part of the public and enjoy the show. We are in front of a game that captures both hands as seen in ICO and transports it in an epic adventure that certainly hides different messages especially related to friendship. however, we admit that he had turned their noses because of some penetrations polygonal and the unconvincing physical management, but being still a demo you can not indulge in criticism of any kind.

The Last Guardian still seems to have all the credentials to be considered a must-have title. See you on the day 7 December, when The Last Guardian will see light through the shelves of specialty stores.