The iPhone X with iOS 11.1.1 already has its first demo of the "disappeared" Jailbreak


And it is that actually the Jailbreak is something that for most users may sound far away, even many do not know what it means, but the most "potsters" are resigned and want this to officially arrive someday.

In this case what we have on the table is good news for them, since the Jailbreak for iOS 11.1.1 has been seen for the first time in a demo by Liana Chen, from Tencent Keen's lab. It is clear that this is the first step and does not mean that this Jb has to leave in the coming hours, but it is true that they have an important step and have also shown in a new iPhone X.

This is the tweet that shows the Jailbreak demo on iOS 11.1.1 and on an iPhone X:

iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak by Liang Chen from Keen Lab.

– vangelis (@vangelis_at_POC) November 10, 2017

The last jailbreaks have not been entirely satisfactory and many users have not wanted to complicate their lives with their installation, it has always been semi-tethered (it was necessary to repeat the Jb process each time the iPhone is restarted) and to quite older versions of the current ones. In this case what they show is a Jb for the latest version released by Apple and this could be a good sign for those who are willing to perform the Jailbreak on their devices, although the security of these may be affected and now that we have Apple Pay can be complicated.

On the other hand it must be said that this Jailbreak is only for research purposes, so even though it may be fully functional in current devices, the security researcher can not publicly release it for the time being. The vulnerability can be delivered to Apple or simply never get published, any news that appears in this regard about the Jailbreak for iOS 11.x will be published in Current iPhone.

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