The iPhone as a gas detector? Here is the new idea license plate Apple!


Apple published a new patent “save lives”, which concerns an integrated environmental sensor on the iPhone and Apple Watch able to sample gases and liquids and to inform users of the potential dangers in the environment.

develop for the iPhone or Apple Watch an environmental sensor is not easy. Unlike other sensors such as those of positioning or movement, which can be integrated within the device, the environmental sensors must be exposed, at least in part, outside and in conditions not suitable for sensitive electronic components.

Apple plans to place this sensor in a casing the interior of the speaker, so as to protect it from the other components and to enable it to measure the outside environment. The idea is to integrate a sensor able to detect the presence of hazardous gases and liquids present in the circumstances, and to immediately notify the user: this sensor may detect the presence of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, is ozone, humidity, chemicals and other potentially dangerous elements for health.

The iPhone will be able to save our lives in the future?


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