L ‘ Internet Archive is a kind of digital library nonprofit that store many types of content, including Web sites, old programs (even Windows 3.1 ), video, ebook and audio clips. Its data centers already offer around 15 petabytes (15,000 terabytes) of data, and some advanced services such as Wayback Machine which allows you to browse old instances of Web sites. It is widely used by journalists covering in particular the fact checking.

The purpose of the Internet Archive is to ensure universal and free access to all the knowledge that hosts; a purpose that is afraid of not being able to pursue under the ‘ administration Trump .

On 9 November, America woke up with a new administration that promises radical changes. It was a clear reminder that institutions like ours, designed for the long term, must be designed to resist change.

The Foundation has decided to “migrate” in Canada – or rather: create a new copy with the Archive data centers located in Canada following the mantra that “many copies held things safe. ” It is a project that will require a lot of work and millions of dollars; anyone willing to finance it, can leave a donation to THIS address.