Once the first information about ignition Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones began to arrive, some analysts They suggested that the blame all the problems with this model, was an elementary haste: the company allegedly in such a hurry to introduce another flagship and compete with Apple that has forgotten to pay due attention to the development of its new products. Now the same idea expressed Korean sources claim that due to the busy schedule of exit flagship Samsung does not have time to monitor the quality of the products.

Recall that recently the company is on the top two smartphone models a year. In the first half of the year goes Galaxy S, and the second debut Galaxy Note. Fiasco with Note 7 clearly demonstrates that maintaining such a pace – not an easy task. And, probably, the Samsung will have to adjust its marketing strategy. According to sources, in the future, the company will produce only one flagship device per year.

Partner Samsung reported that they still do not know anything about the company’s plans. However, they are convinced that it is really necessary to change the strategy, to restore the reputation.