We want more Gigabits thus opening the video presentation of the new Snapdragon X50 5G Qualcomm modem presented at the summit in Hong Kong being held at this time.

Of 5G talk about it for some time and is known to all that will be the next step in mobile networks. She Never, however, had spoken of a chip through and through by Qualcomm, which justifies the introduction in style.

The numbers are scary. On paper, the first of the new generation modem burns literally the limits (more theoretical) to which we had become accustomed 4G: not 300 or 450 Mbps, but well 5Gbps . Speed ‚Äč‚Äčthat would allow 5G networks to compete with fiber, though the practice is actually always quite another thing.

is anyway not to delude themselves. X50 will arrive in the first half of 2018 during which should already have been approved 5G standards and where they should be already completed tests on the new Mmwave, the 28GHz millimeter band used by 5G Qualcomm which employs a spectrum of well 800MHz along with MIMO protocol to allow the signal to penetrate where normally a signal at such a high rate would fail .

Presumably the first devices to employ modems and routers will be, difficult to see immediately the use of this chip inside the smartphone. For those, basically, we have to wait a lot.