The first estimates of Battlefield 1: “one of the best shooters generation” and “the best Battlefield over the years”


Four days before the worldwide release shooter Battlefield 1 publisher Electronic Arts has removed a ban on the publication of reviews. The first estimates were high: Rating Pc version of (10 reviews) amounted to 90 out of 100 possible points, and option for Xbox One (12 reviews) – 86 points (the PS4-version is not received a sufficient number of votes).

The maximum score of the game received from the person God is a Geek Chris White (Chris White). «Battlefield 1 uses all the possibilities of this generation of consoles and gives the brightest impressions thanks to the excellent presentation of the plot in the single-player campaign and excellent musical accompaniment, touched to the heart – he wrote. – In her pleasure to watch her great gameplay. Multiplayer is good, varied and nice card amaze design. DICE has made the best shooter of the eighth generation. Do not wait to see what they are preparing for the DLC and future upgrades. “

At 4.5 points out of 5 shooter appreciated journalist Digital Spy Sam Loveridge (Sam Loveridge). “The military conflict in video games no one has figured so cool, – she wrote. – Battlefield 1 beautiful in its cruelty – even in those moments when you just admire the emotional impact of the type destroyed shelling the village, which was still recently so beautiful […] This is the best part of the Battlefield for years to come “. Loveridge was left disappointed with the monotony of multiplayer battles, though praised development of new modes of Operations (with his epic battles on huge maps) and War Pigeons ( mission for the pigeons were surprisingly entertaining).

According to the journalist GameSpot Miguel Concepcion (Miguel Concepcion), also award-winning shooter 9 points, a serious flaw in the game is only one – awkward interface . The critic was satisfied with a single campaign, with its “variety of purposes, the stories and the characters” the Operations mode “visually impressive and exciting” battles in multiplayer and a deep character development system, which makes again and again to return to the multiplayer mode. “In Example 1 Battlefield DICE has shown that during the First World still worth it to talk about it in first-person shooters” – he said


Officer of Forbes Paul Tassi (Paul Tassi) put the game 8 out of 10. “At its core Battlefield 1 – beautiful shell for the old parts of the series, – he said. – This is not a complaint, because Battlefield left a great legacy. But, despite the fact that the events taking place during the First World War, the changes seem to be cosmetic. And though these cosmetic enhancements great, I do not think that this game may draw newcomers to the fans of Battlefield. » According to TASS story campaign can be completed in 6-7 hours, so the game will justify its price is only for those who like multiplayer.

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of Battlefield 1 will be released worldwide October 21, 2016 in versions for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.