The last in Innopolis from September 30 to October 1, first CIO -kongress “Valley technology” collected CIOs from all over Russia. The event was opened by the rector of Innopolis University Aleksandr Tormasov spoke about the changes in the role of IT and how Innopolis University responds to them in ongoing research and training on the orders of the companies.

The most striking part of the Congress, according to many participants was the plenary discussion, dedicated to the transformation of the role of the CIO in the era of automation and digitalization. Emphasis was placed on the experience of the most advanced countries CIO such as Artem Holovaty (Kamaz), Mikhail Sverdlov (UBRD), as well as experts. In particular, his views on IT managers to adapt to the new reality presented the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Innopolis Suchchi Giancarlo, IT Strategist, Head of R & D-division RDTEH Sergey Trushkin and board member ARSIB, scientific expert of the Russian Security Council, DT n. Sergei Petrenko.

The experts agreed that the output of CIO roles outside the IT service unit held – a modern CIO needs to think of business categories


The continuation of the plenary discussion was the work in sections. Their program, developed by CIOs for CIOs, accommodate a maximum of expertise and case studies from respected the CIO, discussions, master classes, live consultations.

The second day of the Congress began with a tour of the Technopark and Innopolis University. Participants had an opportunity to look at the most interesting parts of “heart” and “brain” Innopolis. The atmosphere of high-tech city is so liking IT managers, some of them expressed their intention to settle in Innopolis.

As noted, the Congress has become an international event – as the list of participants and experts, and produced by resonance. “Valley of the technology” supported by both Russian federal and regional community and foreign . Olga Pozdnyakov Director of Agency Business Events Expo Link stressed that there was a completely revised format of the CIO-traditional conferences, resulting in “Valley of the technology” made exclusively educational project, which gave the participants a lot of applied knowledge and new information.

The positive feedback from participants of the First Congress of the CIO-in Innopolis and the increasing attraction of high-tech city will contribute to the influx of even more IT directors to participate in the “Valley of the technologies” in 2017, convinced the organizers of the event.

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