Recently presented in the Asian market, the new Samsung Galaxy Prime J7 seems to hide a little anticipation about a feature that we may soon find on products in 2017 by the South Korean manufacturer.

According to colleagues of SamMobile which are testing the device at this time, J7 Prime is the first Samsung smartphone to allow the release of the device through the touch of the fingerprint sensor without having to press the physical button. Obviously this is not a novelty for all the Android landscape, where you can find many smartphones can perform this type of release for some time, but the introduction of a Samsung model may point the way that the South Korean manufacturer will undertake with all the main products of the 2017 range

The fingerprint sensor debuted on the Samsung model from Galaxy S5 followed by Notes 4 although these models resulted particularly difficult to use since they were required to wake up the screen, and that was done sliding your finger on the sensor, in order to recognize the fingerprint. A certainly impractical method in many daily use scenarios that led many users to disable this function. From Galaxy S6 was introduced a more classic sensor capable of unlocking via a push, though, the one implemented by Samsung, is not the solution faster to access your smartphone.

Hopefully with Galaxy J7 Prime and maybe upgrade to Nougat to all the terminals that will be supported, Samsung decides to integrate the solution just implemented on all its family of devices, provided that the sensors of the devices currently on the market allow this kind of use.

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