More recently, it was in the community of gamers popular belief according to which the genre of multiplayer role-playing games will never take root on the console. According to the players, the gamepad will never be able to replace the ligaments of the keyboard and mouse. Time has shown how much deluded fans of virtual entertainment. For example, the audience platformers The Elder Scrolls Online, according to recent data, more than 50%. Start the game has surpassed the expectations of developers. In an interview with reporters raskazal Matt Firor, president of ZeniMax Online Studios.

The specialist explained that he and his subordinates even could not assume that The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles will be able to achieve such popularity.

Console start was that we wanted to see was once on the PC. Our services have begun to fail as early as 00:01. Our North American server did not work during the first four hours.

To date, each of the platforms for not less than 30% of the audience of the project. Thus, The Elder Scrolls Online has become one of those of MMORPG, which is “fired” by appearing on consoles.