The drones will be bus-parks capital


Bus-drones Matrёshka will run at Luzhniki ENEA and already a month later. This press assured the head of the company “electrotransport technology.”

The novelty is that in beta -Testing in Skolkovo. Moscow Parks will be the first place to work these machines.

The success and popularity of design, manufactured under the trademark Volgabus, owned by “Bakulin Motors Group”, depend on the Muscovites .

Source data – good. Reach speeds – up to 30 km / h. Capacity – 8 person


Matrёshka able to travel without recharging up to 130 km. Installed software self-learning.

Alexey Bakulin: unmanned bus will be cheaper bus – Until the end of 2017 the first production batch of drones appear in Russian “Matryoshka”