distraint is psychological horror game in pixel art created by a single independent developer and available for some time on Steam. It is fair to say that caused a sensation: all reviews of the specialized media are enthusiastic, as the same player feedback. Today the game arrives on Android, ready to terrorize and anguish the most fearless players.

This is an adventure side-scrolling, with a very particular graphic style appearance and a gloomy and oppressive. Our alter ego is a young man named Price, an employee of a large corporation that has to expropriate an elderly lady beset by economic problems and forth with the rent.

While trying to do their jobs begin to occur phenomena increasingly bizarre and disturbing like blood dripping from the walls and attacks of dead animals. Price is then immersed in a nightmare; our task is to help him, following the traditional paradigm of point-and-click adventures.

The game costs 4.99 EUR on Steam, while the Play Store is free with advertising. Here is the link and the trailer:

distraint | Android | Google Play Store Free
distraint | PC / Mac | Steam, € 4.99 Source