structure belonging to the State Duma a draft law on the limitation of foreign participation in audiovisual services can result in twenty percent to the care of the Russian video hosting YouTube. It is stated in the conclusion of the legal committee Mediakommunikatsionnogo Union (ISS), has developed amendments to the law.

Under the effect of the bill put forward to MPs Andrei Lugovoi and Shamsailom Saraliev fall audiovisual services with professional content, whose daily audience in Russia for a month is more than 100 thousand. Users or more than 20 thousand. Man in one region of the Federation.

YouTube features both professional and user-generated content, and methods to separate one from the other is not, therefore, believed in the legal committee of the ISS, this may lead to an online service leaving from Russia.

YouTube owner Google is an American company. The service in Russia there is a caching servers, and to comply with the requirement of the bill, will have to create additional infrastructure. According to a source, “Kommersant”, the YouTube go to foreign sites will lead “a sharp increase in foreign exchange costs of all operators and the deterioration of the quality of services”


In turn, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin assured RNS resource that YouTube is not subject to restrictions on the regulation of audiovisual services of the law.

We can officially declare that all the talk about the fact that YouTube gets under restrictions – have nothing to do with reality. YouTube under these restrictions misses – said Wolin. – That is, the professional content can also be, but his presence – that is no reason for the restriction. The question of specialization Service . “