An integral member of the electronic movement in recent decades, an activist for animal rights and among the famous names openly sided against the candidature of Trump at the White House. Moby has a few days ago released his thirteenth studio album, titled “These Systems Are Failing” first to carry the signature The Void Pacific Choir.

Light years away from production sounds like “Play”, the disc is the primal scream of an artist who chooses the 50 threshold exceeded (unlike many of his colleagues) not to repeat itself becoming the caricature of himself, but to test a new approach to composition and recording. More raw, more aggressive, but not necessarily more appropriate. The second single video, “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?” provides some interesting food for thought. It is directed and animated by illustrator Steve Cutts.

A ruthless portrait of the drift that is inexorably infecting a bit ‘all, an’ technological epidemic that leads to abstraction, alienation and redefinition of the dynamics that regulate relations and interpersonal relationships. A dystopian vision and resigned on World 2.0 .

The style is that of the earliest animated shorts, the Mickey Mouse of the 30 three-minute trip by a society paranoid and schizoid where in the greyness of a desaturated world’s only shine the colors of emoticons and virtual entities: impossible not to notice the reference to Pokémon GO or to YouTube, the method of choice of partners and like social networking, by passing of selfie-addicted delusions of leadership and the scourge of bullying.

Are you lost in the world like me? / And the systems have failed are you free?

A reference to GO Pokémon in the song’s video “Are You Lost In The World Like Me” Moby

In many do not struggle to define the vision of Moby as pessimistic . Others deem too realistic, an objective look at a world observed by the big wide eyes of his alter ego and not filtered by a screen. Maybe it’s just the counter-expression of an artist who is trying to reinvent itself. Maybe a lonely howl and resigned that aims to raise awareness. Perhaps a good promotional gimmick for an album that otherwise would have passed unnoticed. The only thing certain is that, statistically, at least half of the readers of this article has reached this far with your eyes glued to the screen of your smartphone.