last year, the studio Snowman released for tablets and smartphones atmospheric arcade Alto’s Adventure, which has become one of the best mobile games of the year. it is impressive not gameplay, as it is a regular runner, which need time to touch screen and its incredible atmosphere, which creates a visual component and sound. recently, studio Snowman announced a new project called Distant. Judging by the trailer, we were again waiting for a very relaxing and unusual game. But it is interesting that developed Distant only for PC , Mac, consoles, and Apple TV.

in the video we see how a character in a yellow raincoat leaps across the chasm from one platform to another. It is possible that we are waiting for a full one-button platformer or again runner as Alto’s Adventure. It is necessary to wait for an explanation from the developers or new gameplay video.

On the release date, price and availability on mobile devices, the new game from the Snowman studios yet unknown.