Are you looking for best app to edit photos on iPhone and Android but do not know which application to choose? Inside the ' App Store and Play Store There are hundreds of apps with which to make image editing, but not all are equal. Not only that, the cameras of today's smartphones and tablets have improved considerably in recent years and, for this reason, have quality app is crucial. In this guide we will go, then, to find out what the best app around with which to edit photos on iPhone iOS and Android .

before is definitely one of the best app modfiy photos on iPhone and Android . Compared to conventional applications, based Prisma whole process of photo editing on artificial intelligence and very colorful effects that recall some of the most famous painters in the world. With more than two dozen filters, before it takes and the style of paintings and famous artists from Kandinsky until Munch through Picasso .

This app is simple to use and does not have any advertising. Available for iPhone and Android, Prisma is the ' must-have app to edit photos quickly by relying on the latest technology.

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<p> Developed by Google, <strong> Snapseed </strong> is <strong> complete and professional photo editor </strong> for both iPhone and Android. There are many creative tools that are offered to users, including the classics correction filters, brush, structure, HDRM, transforms, vintage, black and white, face and elsewhere. Snapseed also allows you to edit DNG RAW files and save in non-destructive mode. Designed to have a professional editing tool with which to edit photos, Snapseed is the app to download on smartphones and tablets. </p>
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<p> Among the best app for editing your photos could not miss <strong> Adobe Photoshop Touch </strong>mobile version equipped with powerful tools. With this app you can quickly combine images, apply professional effects, and sharing the results with friends or family on the major social networks, including Facebook. As usual, there are the classic layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters to create amazing immmagini, even on the move. Adobe Photoshop Touch is available for Android tablets and smartphones, but also for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. </p>
<h2 class= Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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<p> Complementary application to Photoshop, <strong> Adobe Photoshop Lighroom </strong> offers a wide range of tools to create stunning images in seconds. </p>
<p> Through the in-app camera you can take photos in DNG format, and after the process of editing, sharing them with friends social network, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. Among local regulations present there are exposure, brightness, clarity, and many more that can be unlocked with the paid version. Finally, Adobe Photoshop Lighroom is available free for Android and iOS devices, so as to obtain a replica of the workflow that takes place on the desktop version of the app. </p>
<h2 class= VSCO

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<p> <strong> VSCO </strong> is an app for photo editing that, at first, had only been made available to holders of a iPhone users. Now it is also landed on Android offering a wide range of presets that can be adjusted according to your preferences, as well as the classic camera in-app. The air filter is particularly wide, starting from classic sharpness, vignetting and exposure, to reach the ultimate effects accessible through the subscription VSCO X. </p>
<p> As with Lightroom, even VSCO is an application that does not make changes directly to the image, so destructive, but creates temporary files that are stored information relating to editing of the image. So VSCO can be considered one of the best app to edit pictures in circulation, especially in front of the ease of use and intuitive interface. </p>
<h2 class= Google FotoScan

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<p> Designed for those who own photographs on paper to be scanned, <strong> Google FotoScan </strong> is an app unique. Completely free and available to <strong> Android </strong> and <strong> iOS </strong>Google PhotoScan offers the possibility of scanning the printed image creating, in an instant, perfect digital copies of leaning on edge detection, straightening technology and automatic orientation correction, in addition to the removal of reflections. </p>
<p> Once acquired all the photos, you can save them directly to Google Photos with one touch, and then organize them, find them, share them or export them to third-party services. </p>

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