The Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatov said at the Forum FINOPOLIS 2016 of the decision to establish, together with a dozen major financial market participants association for investment financial technology.

Ekaphon maneechot / shutterstock

We made a decision, which is decorated in the form of specific agreements between the major ten members of the consortium for “fintehu” we wanted to create, we really create. Legal form which we have developed together, will the association. Title – “Finteh”. We came to the conclusion that this is the most simple, capacious and understandable for all the name of “, – said Skorobogatov


The consortium will consist of the permanent members, which should focus on investment in a pool of architects, developers, testers and analysts to develop a platform for market participants as well as associated members, who will have access to these developments.

According Skorobogatova, the Central Bank already has an agreement with the assistance of the Association of ministries and departments as expert advice, as well as by preparing the necessary legislative amendments to ensure the necessary legal basis when launching new products.