The Australian Medical Center to build a biomanufacturing Institute for 3D-print human tissue


It is already known that the 3D-printing technology can be used not only for the manufacture of souvenirs and replicas of various objects, but also for more complex tasks. It is now possible to produce with help of 3D-printing replicas of human bones and cartilage for implantation operations.

In order to accelerate the development of this direction of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) intends to build in medical center and hospital Metro North Medical center and hospital Institute biomanufacturing to 3D-print human tissue.

The Minister of health of Australia Dick Cameron (Cameron Dick) said that the first Institute biomanufacturing will be placed next to the high-level hospital. It will occupy two floors of the medical center. The idea is to further the production of bone and cartilage for implantation operations performed on the spot in the hospital.

We do not expect that tomorrow will are able to produce with the help of 3D-printing of some authority, but what we can do is to bring together researchers, doctors, patients, engineers, intellectual and industrial partners to be able to bring new technology to the level where it can be used almost “, – said Associate Professor Woodruff Mia (Mia Woodruff)



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