Scheduled for October 17 announcement of a new product the company Tesla did not take place. CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) said on Twitter to postpone the presentation ceremony Monday to Wednesday, as the company took a few days for the completion of the product.

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It is not clear what a surprise prepared the company for their fans, although there is speculation that it may be a new version of the semi-autonomous driving system Autopilot 2.0. With the system Autopilot 2.0, it is expected, the Tesla will add additional sensors in their cars to make them more autonomous driving.

Musk Tesla Autopilot system introduced in October 2014, but it appeared in automobiles a year later – in October 2015. Postponed to Wednesday announcement will take place after a year and four days after the launch of the first version of Tesla Autopilot system.



As it became known, the Federal Agency of motor transport in Germany (KBA) asked Tesla with the requirement to not use the Autopilot term in advertising their cars, so as not to mislead users about the capabilities of this system. “Autopilot” system is an aid and can not replace the driver while driving.