is no secret that today’s “mobile”, developers are increasingly prefer shareware propagation model. Primarily, this is due to the huge number of people willing to spend on a particular product is honestly earned money. Authors Modern War is no exception to the rule, only as a result they have become unwitting participants in the strike arranged by fans of the game. Headed by its American Steven Barnes.

Modern War

Despite his profession (Stephen – businessman), it is very time-consuming issue in Modern War, and even had to spend about two million Dolar, parallel to becoming the head of one of the clans. Once developers have changed the value and power of some of the items, and one of them is simply thrown out of the game, led by Steven financial baykot Modern War. As a result of the protest of his clan was joined by 144 teams.

The operator of the game is nothing left but to recognize the error of their actions. According to reports, at the time of writing the news of the money for the “controversial” buy returned to gamers.