The organization is the operator of public transport of the city and county of San Francisco San Francisco Municipal Railway, commonly referred to by locals MUNI, suffered a hacker attack. According to the San Francisco Examiner, hacking occurred on Friday afternoon. The organization learned about the attack on Friday and at the time of the restoration of the system was forced to travel in the Metro San Francisco free

on the stations workers computers MUNI following message is displayed:. “you are compromised, all data is encrypted” . There’s also an attacker offered to contact them to get the key by writing [email protected] The authorities of the city to restore the work of more than two thousand vending machines, he demanded 100 Bitcoin, which is approximately equal to $ 73 thousand.

It is noteworthy that the hacker, which could be reached by e-mail, said he aims to resolve situation, and that its software operates completely automatically, which eliminates the possibility of targeted attacks. He added that the MUNI network was extremely insecure. In September of the same hacker, according to the Morphus Labs, was involved in the spread of extortion virus called Mamba

The State of California is not the first time faced with a similar problem:. Before this year the attack was subjected to Hollywood Presbyterian medical center, has paid attackers to about $ 17,000 for the restoration of access to its computer system.