Tests show that 5G is up to 40 times faster than 4G


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If you think 4G is what is most modern in mobile networks and is satisfied with the speed that the technology delivers on their mobile devices, know that she is about to become obsolete and be as slow as 2G. Ericsson announced this weekend that performed the first successful field testing of 5G technology and that it is capable of reaching speeds up to 40 times higher than that offered by 4G .

This was done in the cities of Stockholm (Sweden) and Tallinn (Estonia) by Ericsson in partnership with Telia Telecom. The companies used the 800 MHz spectrum in band 15 GHz and reached 15 Gbps speed peaks with latency less than three milliseconds. The speed, Monday to Telia, is 40 times greater than the maximum currently offered by 4G.

Despite the surprising result, Raigo Neudorf, spokesman for the telecommunications company, said that one must be cautious and not get carried away so much, after all we do not know how the technology will be implemented, nor how to behave when it is used in mass.

Still, Ericsson is betting all the chips you have in the development of 5G technology and has been working on it for some time. Previously, the company conducted tests in the laboratory and reached speeds up to 20 Gbps. The company’s idea is that, by 2018, both Sweden as Estonia can count on some 5G coverage.

Thus, the Estonian government is sparing no effort to catapult the technology in the country. So much so that the minister of economy and communications there already announced plans to release the spectrum of 700 MHz for network deployment.

On the support of the European country’s government, Neudorf said that “ connection 5G of the faster data will bring opportunities that 4G has not brought.” “It is important that the machines receive the information without any delay. Billions of devices will be connected to Internet in the coming years, and is more than clear that the current 4G networks will not give up with demand.”

Via ZDNet

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