Published October 14, 2016 – 2:14 p.m. by Stéphane Ficca

The Housing carousel

For its launch, PlayStation VR can count on some heavyweights video game, starting with Driveclub VR and Batman VR both exclusive to the new Sony system. Lovers of thrills are obviously not forgotten, with (among others) that Rush of Blood, the declination of the excellent PS VR Until Dawn, published a few months ago on the PlayStation 4.

Please note, however, he is not here to regain VR adaptation of the same Until Dawn, since Rush of Blood offers a 100% unique content, including events and characters based Until Dawn. In fact, this is a game type “rail shooter” with a player stuck in the small car a particularly creepy ghost train, and who will have to try to survive in various traps and enemies, PS Move hand.

Indeed, although playable on Dual Shock 4, this Rush of Blood will be enjoyed 100% via the PS Move from Sony. At first, and as a Driveclub VR to name him, the game displays some limited graphics, including a fairly visible aliasing. However, you only have a few seconds for the atmosphere and immersion permanently override this technical aspect.


From there, we enjoy an unhealthy atmosphere at will, with a rather steady pace (rail shooter requires), and a game that alternates pure shooting stages, but also scare some nice jumps, not to mention of roller coaster type phases, which will put your giddiness to the test, but also your reflexes, as it will often be dodge obstacles on the screen, or stooping leaning to the right / left. All absolutely works wonders and it is with pleasure (sprinkled with a small dose of anxiety anyway) which runs through the different levels of the game, all punctuated by often devious boss.


Side life, the game loop in just 2 or 3 hours, but nevertheless returns with pleasure in some levels to try to improve his score, and get your hands on various bonuses to collect. Like a Batman VR, we can only welcome the initiative of SuperMassive Games have managed to revisit her Until Dawn, with the Rush of Blood declination tailored to the PlayStation VR, which is clearly one of games to consider when buying the helmet made in Sony.

Our Verdict

Displayed only 20 euros, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a great experience for those seeking something fun efficiently with its PlayStation freshly acquired VR. Certainly, the graphics section is not at the top, but the atmosphere is both fun and suffocating ( “suffuncante” then?) And the gameplay is particularly specific to the PS Move. In short, an excellent experience, particularly sadistic at times.