In late June 2015, I traveled to Germany to drive a prototype full of cameras, radars and sensors. I found it all amazing, but the model appeared to be far from being produced – several wires were loose in the panel and a computer that was showing me on the passenger’s lap the operation of the cameras. Hence, the last Monday (17), only one year and four months after my experience in Berlin, I drove a production car with two cameras and seven radars – test the new Mercedes E-Class is to have the feeling of living in the future .

The brand believes that the smartest sedan in the world. Yes, even more than the S-Class sedan largest and most luxurious brand. The three versions arriving at dealerships in Brazil by the end of this week come equipped with semi-autonomous systems capable of accelerating, braking, avoid accidents and to make small curves. That is, you can get a few minutes away from the steering wheel, accelerator and brake. But always attentive, (for now).


Generally, we begin an assessment saying how the car runs and how we feel inside. Aboard the tenth generation E-Class, it is undeniable that finish, comfort and driveability are excellent, but what really draws attention are the technologies and semi-autonomous functions. They are present in the sedan versions released in Brazil: the E 250 Avantgarde R $ 309 000, E 250 Exclusive R $ 319,900 and E 250 Launch Edition of R $ 325,900, the one that drove


The systems make the luxury sedan walk almost alone, just the driver triggers a positioned lever on the left side of the steering wheel. Then the class and read the track tracks and recognizes the car ahead. Enough to accelerate, brake, make small curves and keep on track. This system, which runs up to 210 km / h, is a kind of cruise control and is called Drive Pilot.

Remember that a warning to get their hands on the steering wheel often appears on the screen located on the instrument panel. If the driver does not perform any movement, the E-Class starts sounding beeps and can get up to a complete stop and turn on the flash alert. In addition to “fly alone”, the sedan has a parking assistant that searches and recognizes vacancies. Called Active Parking Assist Parktronic, the system makes the car park in longitudinal or transverse spaces without any action by the driver.

Mercedes-Benz Classe E traseira (Foto:  Divulgação)


Since the E-Class will go almost alone (at least for a few seconds), it has several security features. Mercedes calls the technology “guardian angel,” since the cameras are able to see 500 meters forward and 80 meters behind the car – much more than the human eye. The Pre-Safe system detects the risk of an accident before it happens. It works as follows: the sedan automatically sends visual and audible warnings for the driver when you realize that the car will be involved in a crash. If the driver does not react, the sedan press the brakes. If you can not get rid of the accident, the windows are closed and banks are set to the safest position. The system is also able to recognize pedestrians or cyclists entering the front of the car and brake automatically.

The list of technologies continues, the sedan recognizes the fatigue of the driver and the alert to the need for a break, recognizes when the vehicle is unintentionally leaving the lane and alerts the driver (if the driver does not react, the system can apply the brakes to side to help bring the vehicle back on track), a noise is emitted before the crash to the ears of the occupants are protected flashes alert automatically connects a car to stay very close to the rear of the E-Class the brakes are activated and the seat belts are tensioned if the sedan realize that a car is approaching too fast at a traffic light, for example.


But the Mercedes E-Class will not please only interested in technologies that save the driver and protect the occupants. The sedan comes equipped with a 2.0 liter turbo four-cylinder petrol with 211 bhp and 35.6 lb.-ft. always associated with automatic transmission nine speeds . With 65 kilos less, the 0 to 100 km / h is done in 6.9 seconds good, according to the automaker.

Mercedes-Benz Classe E interior (Foto:  Divulgação)

The watchword is comfort: the tread is light and quiet, even at high speeds, and the suspension and filters the irregularities of the track. A 120 km / h in the ninth gear, the sedan park in just 1,600 rpm in comfort mode . There are other four driving modes:. Sport, Sport +, Eco and Individual

The steering wheel has excellent grip with rubberized leather in place where they should stay hands. The gear knob is actually a lever located on the steering column, as is traditional in Mercedes. The interior is very conservative: in addition to a watch, a shiny wooden track follows the entire panel and reaches the doors . Sitting on the bench, all that is visible to the eye is rubber or velvet – nothing is plastic. Even the interior of the coaster located at the door is rubberized.

The center console has chrome accents and glossy black, leaving the interior further refined. There are still 64 internal lighting color options. The seat is very comfortable and there is plenty of room for the front passenger, traveling with the legs almost stretched. The central duct is high, which makes the E-Class with lightweight comfort only four passengers.

visual changes

Outwardly, the tenth generation of the E-Class has won more modern lines. air vents are now continuous and occupy much of the lead. Since the redesigned lanterns were named Stardust (Stardust) and now have 39 LEDs. Besides the new look, the body is 4.3 cm higher. The wheelbase has also grown – are 6.5 cm more


number of items

In addition to the intelligent direction packages, top of the line sedan comes equipped with air conditioning three zones, GPS, alarm, driving mode selector, multifunction steering wheel in nappa leather, media center with a 12.3 inch screen with “touchpad “the central panel, bluetooth, internet browsing, radio, DVD / CD, USB input and auxiliary, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, face key, new headlights 100% LED, alloy 19-inch wheels, velor mats, illuminated sill, reverse camera, rear view photochromic, electrical adjustment of the driver’s seat and the passenger with memory function, sunroof, fins on the steering wheel, tire pressure monitoring, folding exterior mirrors, remote closing of the trunk lid, Agility Control (adaptive damping system), interior lights pack with 64 colors, remote closing of the trunk lid, electronic stability control, brakes with EBD, electronic parking brake with brake Hold, blind-spot assistant, starting assistant in ramp, side airbags, ISOFIX and run flat tires (not stick).

For all versions, the metallic paints are: Black Obsidian, Iridium Silver, Brown Citrine, Blue Cavansite, Brilliant Blue, Silver Diamond, Selenite Gray, Green and Blue Anthracite Kallait. Are two solid paintings: Black and Polar White. The leather jacket banks can be black, brown with black and beige with black.

Mercedes-Benz Classe E lateral (Foto:  Divulgação)

What does not come to Brazil

One of the main disappointments was entering the new E-Class and do not see the 12.3-inch screen that makes the instrument panel function and joins the screen media center. The automaker says the Wide Screen Cockpit, as it is called, “is already ordered” and that should come in other versions of the sedan soon.

Three other items that are sold abroad will not be in sedan Brazil: a system that makes reading traffic signs and alters the car’s speed, a system that gear change only when operating the arrow for more than two seconds and be in speed between 80 and 180 km / h and a function that allows you to park the car for an application.


Despite not having (yet) digital instrument panel, the big plus point of the E-Class are embedded technologies. It is unquestionable that the sedan is comfortable and luxurious, but the semi-autonomous functions steal attention . Especially because the main rivals of the Class, which are BMW 5 Series (R $ 270,950), Audi A6 (R $ 282,990) and Jaguar XF R-Sport (R $ 283,420), are more potent and charge less for it. The A6 has 2.0 turbo engine of 252 hp, the XF R-Sport comes equipped with a 2.0 240 hp and BME 5 Series with a 2.0 of 245 hp.

If all goes well, Mercedes will have its first car 100% autonomous by 2020. At least this is what the automaker promises. Being in a Class is entirely possible to find this promise .

Photos: Mercedes Class E 250 Launch Edition


Front, longitudinal, 4 cyl. online, 16V, dual, turbo, direct injection, gasoline

1,991 cm³

211 hp at 5,500 rpm

35.6 Nm at 1200-4000 rpm

Automatic 9-speed, rear-wheel drive


Independent multilink on the front and back

Ventilated discs

entry version and intermediate
245/45 R18 (fornt.)
275/40 R 18 (Tras.)
top version
245/40 R19 (Diant.)
275/35 R19 (Tras.)

Compr .: 4.92 m
Width: 1.85 m
Height: 1.47 m
Wheelbase: 2.93 m

66 liters

Luggage carriers
540 liters (manufacturer)

1615 kg