Published October 19, 2016 – 5:35 p.m. by Stéphane Ficca

The city of fear?

In his line-up, the PlayStation VR offers a little less than thirty games, with a very varied choice: auto simulator with Driveclub VR Batman simulator, with the thrill Rush of Blood the psychedelic trip with Ground Infinite space shoot with Gunjack and Eve: Valkyrie … But if there is a genre in which the PlayStation VR excels in currently, it is one of fear.

Thus, if Rush of Blood helps to make a few scares, the Demo Kitchen (Resident Evil VII) also gives a good overview of the tension that can provide a VR device, the player then having no visual escape nor sound (if he plays with headphones obviously), for a unique feeling of fear. Aware of the horrific potential of its PS VR, Sony also offers unprecedented Here They Lie for several days.

Specifically, Here They Lie places the player in a very dark environment, mainly in black and white. Side scenario, the mystery remains unsolved, and the player has no choice but to progress in this metro, and try to find out why and how … obviously taking care to jump many times. Not (much) action here, Here They Lie demand mainly the player to explore the surrounding area, to analyze the different items on the screen, using its look, but also the Dual Shock controller 4.


In this regard, several gameplay options are available, to try to agree to a maximum of profiles, including sensitive famous Motion Sickness. Regarding our experience, provided of course not abuse the right stick, everything went relatively correctly. Gameplay side, Here They Lie not really leave any freedom to the player, contrary to what it might suggest, and it is pretty well guided from the beginning to the end of the adventure.

During his journey, the player will meet with various creatures, it will attempt to, quite enigmatic enemies elsewhere, much like the rest of this Here They Lie. The title is deliberately dark and very anxiety-provoking, and this bias clearly not suit everyone. Sometimes the game will ask you to make a choice, always with this very dark side, no matter what choice you make. The atmosphere is deliberately unhealthy, and from this point of view, we can say that the developers of the bet is successful.

If cosmetic leg Here They Lie was rather successful on the whole, it must be admitted that the game suffers from a very feeble technical achievement, not to mention a few sequences that most reduced visibility, the fault in a thick fog. Fortunately, spatial audio (via headphones) is very successful, and sound effects contribute greatly to this continuously heavy atmosphere. Regarding the lifespan, it will not take you more than two or three hours to reach the end of this adventure to say the least tortured.

Our verdict

We expected more from this Here They Lie, but it still brings a touch very different from the competition in the processing of fear, or rather anguish here, with a very oppressive and unhealthy side. It regrets very low technical implementation, which does not contribute to a perfect immersion for once. It would also have appreciated more interaction in the game, the player being here more spectator than actor really. A psychological test trip but if you like good atmosphere (good) glaucous.